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Though it is optional, but it is recommended to write the essay as a majority of Colleges give weightage to the essay while deciding on applications.

The maximum score essay would be:
  1. Every prominent point of the prompt should be analysed
  2. Better than average vocabulary
  3. Logically conclusive arguments
  4. Maintain Consistency
Critical Reading:

Expecting the usual 'Read the passage, answer the question', there can be a surprise in store. Students can increase their score by focusing on

  1. Replacing word question
  2. Graph, Data question
  3. Interrelating questions

This section tests your grasp on grammar rules; a good point to start with is reviewing

  1. Punctuation
  2. Verb Tense
  3. Subject- Verb Agreement

SAT Subject Test

It is the ultimate test of knowledge and a ticket to the college of your choice. Great scores on SAT subject tests can give the head start to your career. We cover the entire syllabus in a diligent manner to make you perform your best on the test day.

IB Diploma

The English language/ literature exam of IB diploma requires an advanced level of understanding not only just in terms of text but also in terms of inference. IB emphasizes on deeper analysis of texts and ability to explain in a flawless manner. The syllabus of IB diploma includes literary work by some of the best authors, poets and writers challenging the students to employ the best of their abilities. The crux of success in SL or HL exam lies in the ability to think critically and write in a cogent manner.

The literature/ language & literature exam requires students to display the capability of analysis, grasp on language, and knowledge of literary devices/ techniques. A high scoring response would comprise of

  1. Identify the critical aspect of the passage
  2. Comment on a broader perspective
  3. Explaining the effect of Writer's style on texts
  4. Role of literary devices in the text
  5. Effect of divisions and settings on the narrative
  6. Techniques used by individual authors to create emotions
  7. Discuss the visual and structural features
  8. Author comparison on the basis of effectiveness

It is evident that the usage of advanced vocabulary and flawless grammar in response is a prerequisite to high scores.


The IGCSE exams are one of the most popular and intensive examination across the globe. The best exams require best prepration and guidance. We provide best in class practice tests and exercises to attain optimum confidence for the exams.